Tiny World is the band name, as well as the album title. Scott Duncan and Steve Petrey did all the writing, performance, production, and engineering. They’ve made music together for several years, both in studio and live productions. Scott began his solo musical career recording instrumental projects, writing music for Phil Ehart, drummer for the band Kansas. This led to 2 CD releases, “Contemporary Salon” and “Woodland”, which both received worldwide critical acclaim and TV/Film soundtrack use, as well as much international NAC Radio play (New Adult Contemporary).

Rock - Adult Contemporary - Americana


Scott has continued writing for various publishers, most notably Zone Radio Imaging in NYC. Steve has been Tampa Bay’s go-to guitarist for years whenever anyone needs live or studio guitar tracks. Some luminaries he has performed with extensively in their bands, both live in concert and in studio include Rick Derringer, Marty Balin of Jefferson Airplane, Captain Beyond, Dave Muse (Firefall), and one of the world’s greatest bassists Jeff Berlin.

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