When we began writing music 24 years ago, Bangalore was a sleepy pensioner’s paradise with a decided colonial hangover. We grew up convent-educated, thinking in English, and grappling with an emerging ‘modern urban Indian’ identity. Bangalore is now the upstart tech-capital of India, one of the back-offices of the world, and exploding with innovation, nouveau riche, traffic and urban sprawl.
You’ll find all of that in our music. It’s overtly ‘Western’ – guitar, bass, drums, English lyrics (no Bollywood, sitars or tablas here) – but nested in that shell is a complex, multi-layered and nuanced experience: where Emily Dickinson meets Tagore, Phish meets The Mahavishnu Orchestra and Steely Dan goes out for a curry.
We sometimes call ourselves the ‘bastards of the world’. It’s quite an interesting space to be in. Rooted, yet un-belonging, everywhere and nowhere.
Like the name, it all looks a bit complicated, so let’s make it simple: listen to the music.

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