Awe inspiring, mesmerizing magic…like a meteor shower raining through a burning night sky….we are Star Blazers! A new, refreshing and exciting original rock band from Providence, Rhode Island. Unique, fun and interesting; Star Blazers’ new album “Raining Fire” is music that your listeners will greatly enjoy, and keep coming back for more and more! Incredibly catchy, outright CONTAGIOUS hooks, beat stomping rhythms, fabulous melodies, fantastic lyrics, powerful vocals, electrifying guitars, driving bass, thunderous drums and great harmonies…”Raining Fire” has everything that your listeners have come to expect and more! Come feel the power of Star Blazers!

Star Blazers was forged in Providence, Rhode Island, out of a desire to create new, powerful, catchy, hook driven rock n roll that listeners greatly yearn for. Members of Star Blazers have previously played in various bands throughout the northeast and beyond.


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