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Singer and songwriter Ryte EyE Ty has divulged another level of artistic sophistication upon the release of his new melodic cabochon titled Freedom. As an artist, Ryte EyE Ty is noted for possessing a relentless work ethic and love for music. He wrote his first song at the age of thirteen and would later initiate a career in Gospel music after meeting a prominent executive. Ryte EyE Ty’s journey has unfolded to include a Grammy nomination in Gospel music, radio interviews, and performances at numerous venues while evolving to become a musical artist that uses his talent to create positives changes in the world.
Freedom is a soul-drenched acapella tune that sparks the listener’s attention with a heart-stirring message and the beauty of Ryte EyE Ty’s incredible singing and backing harmonies. Freedom addresses the terrible injustice and genocide facing African Americans in the urban community and abroad, including the ugliness of police brutality. Courageously, Ryte EyE Ty is able to draw our awareness to this subject in a manner that is both nurturing and healing.
Ryte EyE Ty has created an awe-inspiring tapestry of emotionally moving harmonies and backing vocals in a style that is reminiscent of Boyz II Men’s cover of It’s So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday. Ryte EyE Ty’s composition, however, sets foot on a different mood that is original in its premise and description, as it analyzes the internal conflict from a heartbreaking reality that his maestro provides a channel of healing through song. Freedom accentuates its gnosis through a soft rhythm and vibe that allows us to look at this horrendous struggle from a worldview. Ryte EyE Ty admits in the painstaking verses of the song; “if I had a time every time a black man died – I would be a billionaire.”Ryte EyE Ty continues his vivid portrayal of dismay and heartbreak by citing some of the bare truths of how black men are treated despite having prominent roles in entertainment, movies, and the sports world.
Freedom is a vehicle of lamentation, an outcry that the oppressed may one day taste and experience the sovereignty of existence and the beauty of life outside of the hinges of captivity.  Ryte EyE Ty concludes this song with a note of optimism and a vow to do his part in uplifting the downtrodden, which is what makes Freedom so powerful.
Ryte EyE Ty newest offering not only captures his expertise as a performer and singer but works as a vehicle for spreading awareness about some of America’s ills. Yet, at the same time, what we find in Freedom and its soulful melody is the strength to face reality and see things through.His ambition as a writer and creativity is limitless and hopes that his music can bridge the gap between genres and bring people together. Ty believes firmly in hard work, team work and recognizes that music is Universal.

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