Fun Facts: Melanie Taylor is not only a multi-award winning pop/rock singer-songwriter, (2x winning AI Music Award and LA Music Award nominee) whose first single Cease Fire placed top 40 in the US Indie Radio Charts, and top 200 in the US Pop Radio Charts

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Melanie Taylor decided she was going to be a music business success story when she was a little girl dancing to Michael Jackson songs in her home, and she is presently in the process of willing it to be.  Awards, chart debuts, high-profile collaborations, accolades and the like are all part of a grand design that she created by sheer force of will.

Strong female role models in the music business are peeking out from behind what has held them back all these years.  This is happening just in time for Melanie’s rise in the world of pop music.  The singer has prepared for her platform through her involvement in organizations such as the P.A.I.N Foundation, 18 for 18 Project Rescue, the Gracie Awards – programs designed to empower women.

It all started with her mother – a single woman who decided she was going to have a child… no boyfriend, no set details of her plan.  She spoke her truth into the universe and willed Melanie into being.  Later, she built a business empire with Melanie’s step-father through her fortitude.  These things taught the budding entertainer some important lessons.

For much of her life, Melanie was the only child of a single mother who was, by all accounts, a wanderer.  She found theater provided her with an extension of her family.  Melanie says, “I always considered my audiences like my brothers and sisters, since being an only child and moving a lot as a kid, the stage was really my only consistent home.”

Melanie’s first album’s primarily straight pop/dance style is now morphing slightly into her sophomore album’s “rock-based vibe.”  What has stayed the same, is her “feel-good soulful roots as a vocalist,” she explains.  She has written most of her upcoming album with producer Troy “R8DIO” Johnson, (Jesse McCartney, JLo, Chris Brown, Will Smith, Solange, 2Pac) and plans to release it later this year.

 Melanie wanted to create a fun, yet empowered, collection of songs, a la that of one of her idols, Alanis Morissette.  “I knew all her songs by heart as a kid,” she adds.  That kind of forthright, spirited style of songwriting stuck with Melanie and shows up all over her work, worn like a badge of honor

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