My name is Kevin Rollinson artist name is K-roll. I was born in Greenwood South Carolina raised in Abbeville Sc. I have one brother no sisters. I was raised along with my brother which I’m the oldest  by my grandma she also had five of her own. I started off singing in gospel quires all over abbeville county also I had intentions to make people laugh also. When I reached the age of 18 I changed genres I switch to r& b hiphop. I decided one day to go into the studio to record.  First I recorded a gospel album in accapella wanting to take each song and change as ringtones.
I did some research on different companies that do ringtones so I went on Craigslist. I saw this company called so unique music so I reached out to a guy he told me his name was Maurice Murray. He charged me 100 dollars to convert two of my songs to ringtones. So he began the process but he couldn’t get a clear ringtone because of the distortion in the background.
Maurice asked if I was interested in doing r&b If so he would send over a track and if I liked it to drop two verses and a bridge and get it back to him asap so I did.He liked the track so he pushed the track on the track had another voice on it comes to find out the other voice was Drake. After that I wanted to do some acting and comedy so I auditioned for a play called church folks starring Zykia Williams who played madeas niece in the play madeas  family reunion. I landed a big role as deacon Willie. I began landing roles in a bunch of independent movies such as the return by jay Somerville from cbs & nbc. Atlanta ugly tangled and twisted the bluff after the snow it’s a new day now influence of a minor and also my own uncle pooty the pimp. I went back to the music afterward and Maurice Murray became my manager he’s also known as Alize the rapper from death row records 2pacs first artist so that’s how my journey began.

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