Jennie also known as Jennie Johnson originally from San Bernardino, CA  has had a journey of a lifetime. Coming from a very broken home full of abuse to living in foster care a good portion of her life, to  living in her own personal prison for years in a marriage full of emotional, physical and verbal abuse.  Jennie has came a very long way in her time, rebuilt her life, and music is the one thing that never left her side and has been her lifeline.

Adult Contemporary - Country - Pop


Her latest single “Movin On” is a heartfelt emotional but yet uplifting track of a  part of  Jennie’s Journey  Jennie has faced many years of discouragement and abuse and always being told she wouldn’t  be what she wanted to be, was not good enough and  she would never make her dreams come true.  Jennie had to finally stand up and say I’ve had enough I want more in life and I deserve happiness!  The girl you see today fought and never gave up on that passion and has been “Movin On” ever since. Jennie used that discouragement  as a fuel to her already burning fire inside to make sure she continued to dream and go after what she loved doing, despite what people say.

Jennie J Quotes “Don’t ever give up or fail on yourself.  Don’t let anyone tell you can’t do something or that you’re not good enough.  You only go as far as you let yourself go.  So Be limitless!’

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