Haley Brooke was born and raised in Shreveport, Louisiana where she grew up singing gospel music in church (largely responsible for her soulful sound). She began playing the piano when she was six and has been writing since she was ten. Being able to write her own songs is something she values highly and has been an amazing outlet for her. Music is and always has been an important part of her life.



Her smooth, soulful voice and her ability to cause the listener to feel what she is feeling is why she stays booked year round. She began performing professionally at the end of 2013 after working with a renowned drummer/producer, and, since then, she has been blessed to work with some of the elites in the industry (Bernard Fowler of the Rolling Stones, audio engineer Chris Bell, producer Danny Sabre, guitarist Johan Carlberg, songwriter Michael Garvin, etc.).

Over the past four years she has had the incredible experiences of recording in Los Angeles, CA and Stockholm, Sweden. She released her first single, “Where You Are,” in October of 2017 and released her second single, “One of These Days,” in December 2018. This January (2019) she begins recording for her next project, for which she will be working with writers based out of Nashville.

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