Fun Facts: Fuser have been picked to perform with many international acts and in more recent years have performed alongside US rockers Everclear and The President of the United States of America. Art the lead singer of Everclear commented on Fuser, saying they were one of the best rock acts that he had seen in years.

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Fuser is Ian Black (guitar/vocals), Dave Morello (drums/vocals), Dan Hart (bass) Steve Rickard (guitar/vocals) and Karl Mai (percussion).

They first rocked the …NZ music scene in 2006 with the release of their self-titled debut album, ‘Fuser’. And they certainly fell firmly on their feet. It wasn’t long before heads in the music industry began to spin and take notice of this Auckland based atomic-rock ensemble.
Soon after the release of ‘…Fuser’, two of the band’s songs were chosen for the ‘NZ on Air’ funded programe, ‘Off the Record,’ a show run by ‘The Rock’ radio station. Through ‘The Rock FM’, Fuser was a recipient of the highly sought after ‘Rock Scholarship.’

If all this wasn’t enough for a band in their first year, they also completed a Nationwide NZ tour, and as a huge bonus, had their song The Rules included on a compilation CD for UK magazine, ‘Rocksound’ – an honor shared with other great kiwi acts like The Have, BlindSpott and Red Line.2007 saw the release of the ‘NZ On Air’ funded video You Will Know, which received airplay on music channel ‘C4’. This was also the year Fuser began to mature as a live band.

At their inception, though all individually experienced musicians, Fuser was purely a studio project and the guys had little live performance experience together. So what’s the best way to hone the art of the live show? Jump out of the pan and into the fire of course! The band gigged relentlessly as either headliners or as support for the Bleeders, The Tutts, Jordan Luck and Storm Large (from the TV show `Rock Star Supernova’).

They also completed a Nationwide tour supporting the Phil Rudd (ACDC) produced Las Vegas all girl rock band Jaggedy Ann.Things got even better for Fuser in 2008/09 with five of their songs chosen to feature in the ‘Demon Energy Supercross’ TV show. Endorsements were also in play with Demon Energy as well as drummer Dave Morello securing a Full A-level International endorsement deal with Swiss based cymbal maker, Paiste.

2010 saw the release of World of make believe, the bands 2nd album. This bought overseas interest. With the 3 singles If I was, Head up in the clouds and World of make believe playing in North America and the UK the band set it sites on bigger shows. Tours 2010/2011 saw the band solidify itself as a great live act.

2011 also saw the bands music represent HB Monster Trucks having If I was as the promo video.2012 saw the writing of the 3rd album get underway and more shows. With tour support slots for US acts Everclear and Sinclarity, the live shows continued to grow in size.Right now Fuser’s primary focus is the making of their 3rd album and playing live shows. Having just come off the back of the Presidents of the Untied States of America shows Fuser are living the dream; Writing, recording and playing.

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