“Angel Music Lover” is one of the songs from the musical screenplay “Finding David”. There are several life themes contained in the work which are represented by the musical performances contained within the screenplay. Although many of the themes deal with change “Angel Music Lover” represents the “Power of Love” which resists the erosion of our memories and overcomes our own egos and regrets. In the song it is asked, “Why after twenty years should the flame still burn?” There is also the question, “Was the Lover in love with the music or the singer?”



The inspiration behind the musical screenplay and video is from real life experiences. David Simmons and Andy Camp were in a band together in the late sixties. Fame and fortune were not to be theirs, but the seeds were planted in the beginning, songs written at the time, and David’s poems carefully stored away. Forty Five years later those two, having become professional performers, producers, and writers, hooked up to finish the songs they had started as teenagers. They engaged their friend and guitar player from the time, Esa Lehti and the stage was set. Not satisfied that the song lyrics themselves could encompass all the emotions from their reunion, it was decided a musical was possible. In a yearlong project, David and Andy then wrote “Finding David”, helped along by David’s accurate lyrical source, his late sixties poetry. It encompassed multiple themes in the music including intervals of time and Karma. Incidentally the name of the band back in the sixties was: “The Intervals”. Fearlessly they set out to write a screenplay, a new genre for both of them.

To best introduce the song “Angel Music Lover”, David produced a video in his very recognizable theatrical style pitting the themes of age, youth, love and regret against each other in “action intervals” of sight and sound. All performers will tell you the same thing, “We are nothing without the millions of “Angel Music Lovers” out there. Without the fans our work is for nothing. We hope this video resonates with some of your life experiences and makes an emotional connection that will transcend the interval of time.

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