Even while the ongoing trial of the policeman in Minneapolis, Minnesota, who was responsible for the death of George Floyd while kneeling on the deceased neck for more than nine minutes as the victim complained he was unable breathe because of the officer’s full weight upon him continues, yet another travesty unfolded in the same state in the shooting death of Daunte Wright by another officer who claimed to have mistaken her gun for a Taser. I plan to attend the April 22nd funeral services at the New Salem Missionary Baptist Church in Minneapolis on Thursday in order to share my condolences and show support for the grieving family. A portion of the profits from this song will be donated to the Wright family


Over the years, Kelley has lost family members to natural causes. At this time of year especially, he feels the pain of their loss and sympathizes deeply with those who mourn for family lost to gun violence. “Imagine how these people feel during the holiday season when they don’t have their little girl who got killed because of gun violence,” Kelley said. “A lot of people are not going to be with their loved ones because they got killed.”
As a singer/songwriter, Kelley has achieved chart successes with several singles, a number of albums and an EP. In 2018, he released his debut R&B/Gospel EP, “Storm is Coming.” In Early 2019, Kelley dropped his first full length album, “Unity,” followed by the album “Here Ends the Lesson.” His latest album, “Get Wild,” featuring “I’m So High,” has captivated listeners since its release earlier this year. Kelley is also the author of “The Book of UWGEAM” which explains the principles of the religion of UWGEAM (an acronym for God of the Universe, God of the World, God of all Gods, God of Everything, and God of Anything including Me), which he created. An entrepreneur who likes to keep busy, he is also the owner of Soul Delicious restaurants in Miami and Morrow, Georgia.
Darrell Kelley uses his unique talents to create music about things that matter in people’s lives, and he writes about the way the world is to help all the people who are hurting. “I care about people in general,” Kelley said. “I believe we are all from the same place and that God and I love everybody regardless of who they are.”
To join Kelley in his fight against gun violence, visit Kelley’s website, to sign the Change org petition and download “Because of You.” Part of the proceeds from the new single will be donated to the families of gun violence victims and to groups advocating against gun violence.

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