Charlie Alpha Papa aka Cap is a recording artist/producer based in Albuquerque and owner of Capishmusic publishing. Born as Michael Capshaw, Cap started writing poetry in high school, free-styling with his peers and found passion for writing hip hop/rap music. Upon finishing high school, Cap joined the military.
After a two year overseas tour he dedicated his free time to writing and recording music. Within a few years, Cap had networked with other local artists/producers and began making compilation albums. To date, Cap has released numerous records, has gained worldwide radio play and continues to build his brand.
Cap is now promoting his new release; a single entitled “Bora Bora” which is to be followed up with a full LP called “Part of Me,” releasing July 2020.

Publicity Contact

For artist information and publicity inquiries, please contact:
Michael Capshaw / BMI / Capishmusic, BMI / IRSC US-U26-20-00002