Musik and Film Nominates 5 Indie Artists for Grammys!!!

Stephen Wrench, President of Musik and Film, is a nominating and voting member of the Grammys, with substantial Multi-Platinum credits under his belt.  We work with a great deal of talented artists, here at Musik and Film Records, in a number of capacities, from radio promotions to distribution, to artist management. We have taken 5 of our own exceptional  indie artists and nominated them for a Grammy Award! Are you an exceptional Indie artist hoping to be a Grammy Nominee?! Then head on over [more]

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Remember when you first discovered you wanted to make music? That feeling of the hair standing up on your arms when you realized that THIS was what you wanted to do for the rest of your life? To be on a stage with THOUSANDS of people screaming your name and singing your hit songs? Well Musik and Film is working hard making connections to help make all of that a reality. We have been talking with all major touring companies and festivals contacts in Europe, Asia, India, and more to make world t [more]

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Album Reviews for Ajay Mathurs release 9 to 3

  Ajay Mathur has been lighting up the charts with his album release "9 to 3", and Musik and Film has enjoyed watching the success he has realized with the help of The Promotions Team at Musik and Film Records, he's gotten a few reviews back on the release and we would LOVE to share them with you!! Don't forget to check out Ajay's album for yourself! Also check out some of our other artists working with Musik and Film Radio Promotions!! Don't forget to check out Ajay's album for yourselv [more]

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Make Music and Money Too?!?!

  The world is filled with artists, bands and songwriters. All are compelled to make music. Why? Because it’s in their soul. They have no choice. It’s a creative outlet, they feel it, breathe and hear in their head. I have been creating music since I was a kid, and I will never stop. We musicians have to do it regardless of free streaming or whether we make money from it. But we should be paid for our creativity and there are ways even in today’s music market that a creator of m [more]

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Radio is looking for new Summer Hit Songs

Radio around the world wants fresh new material. They are tired of what the major labels send them -the same ole’ artists every week, same sound. Radio and their listeners are tired of this. Musik Radio Promotion's Campaigns can get you heard and played to a potential 250,000 stations in 180 countries!  Choose your plan now! Read or watch video! What most people don’t realize is that the BBC is the largest radio network in the world. You can’t bribe the BBC. You can’t pay them [more]

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How to assure you get paid for airplay royalties

  MF Records and Promotions offer many avenues for you as a DIY artists to get played and paid. An artist needs to make sure they properly code their digital content to increase their chances of getting paid appropriately for their airplay and songwriting royalties. Without proper coding, there is practically zero chance of getting paid.   Here is a tutorial about how to code your MP3 files with metadata for the airplay to be tracked.       &n [more]

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Mississippi Native, Jeremy Roberson Debuts With Single Suicide

As a veteran, the plight of  soldiers returning home is near and dear to Roberson's heart. Suicide statistics -22 veterans every day. Every day.  "After cheating Death from Wars of Hell they live through everyday just trying to survive. They come home to the ones they love for which they sacrificed so much", Roberson comments. A native of Mississippi,     Jeremy Roberson recently released his single, "Suicide" with Musik and Film Records and spoke candidly, "I don’t know what happen [more]

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Musik and Film Records Featured Artist Harry Tietjen

"I'm happy to work with Stephen Wrench and his kind team. Incredible, how fast the success came. Very professional work together and the activities exactly hit the point." Tietjen's comments recently when he began working with Musik Radio Promotions on a campaign for his single, "Now I'm Free". However,  Harry Tietjen has been entertaining music lovers around the world for decades. Starting off at a very young age, Harry learned to play guitar, and piano, as well as sing. He landed his fi [more]

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Musik and Films Featured Artist Rose Boyd

    Rose Boyd has been sharing her voice with the world through song since the young age of seven years old. She has always had a life-long passion for sharing her commitment to Jesus Christ through song, and continues to do so to this day. At 17 Rose was faced with a choice between pursuing a record deal and furthering her education through college, a decision which brought her to study at College of Albemarle, in North Carolina. This would only last for about a year, when she r [more]

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