Do I Have a Hit Song, New Reality TV Show Launched by Musik and Film Productions

"Finally, a TV Show  where the song takes the spotlight, and you are the judge." Musik and Film Productions are launching the new series, "Do I Have a Hit Song"  Fall 2014. The initial airing will be via IndiMusic TV, (which has over 800,000 viewers) as well as cable partners globally as well as The Cool TV,  broadcast throughout the US in most major cities in the US on Comcast and Cox cable networks plus on their mobile app around the world.  Snippets of the first show are now available [more]

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Michael John Horneman

The release of Michael John Horneman’s debut single 'What We've Found' produced by Musik and Film Production Team,  marks the beginning of a fresh new direction as a country artist.  MJH has spent the last 3 years writing and playing shows along the East Coast of Australia in “map dot” pubs and local venues, writing heart felt songs about life and love. Written from a musician’s perspective, the hard work and dedication to inspiring people through music brings forth his debut release w [more]

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Finlands Hard Rock Band, Joffel Project goes Global with Musik Radio Promotions

The  band “Joffel Project” was created in August 2011 by guitarist Mr. Joffel. The band’s concept is to play music with different musicians playing ‘their’ style of music without any pressure to succeed The band's motto: "No name, no fame - we just want to play".  The band’s debut album “Shaken' Not Stirred” (15 songs), explores complex areas in people life and hard experiences what you been going through, without any musical prejudice and without music industry pressures. [more]

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Convulsic Charts in World Independant Top 10

New single “The Day You Left” by San Diego artist Convulsic  is Sure to Intensify Your Senses. California Electronica artist has charted in the world independant top 10 not once but twice with both of his releases with Musik Radio. Music trends come and go, but the actual sounds remain imprinted on people forever. Every genre can cause a shift in emotion, and mood, but there some songs that can just create an influx of sounds and completely take over you. This is the sound that San Diego [more]

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Premium Comfort Shoes a hit with 2nd release playing on BBC

Get Ready To Be Seduced! Until you hear the opening bars of Premium Comfort Shoes'  second single ‘Mojo’, you might find it difficult to believe that songs consisting entirely of drums, bass and vocals could generate so much sheer energy and ear-catching fun. Premium Comfort Shoes’ DOUBLE RELEASE includes an additional dance remix of ‘Mojo’ with videos for both tracks to follow. ‘Mojo’ is the follow-up to their first single ‘All My Love’, released earlier this year. T [more]

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