“The Art of Artist Management” featured post by Stephen Wrench

Artist Management is an ever changing art. Back in the day when I was a VP at RCA, an artist manager could pick up a talented artist or band. The manager could then pitch them for a “record deal” that included artist development where the record label would put them in a recording studio to record their album. Then the label would hire publicists, give them tour support with a "known" artist. The label would put then out to radio and TV show appearances. The label would pay for all costs in [more]

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Wanna Get Heard and Played In Europe?

Musik Radio Promotions  Works with Radio all over the world. We work with The European Top 200 chart this week we had numerous artists we promoted in the Euro Chart check them out Yungg V is # 7  Nick Dakota is # 19 Yung Krazy Legz # 20 Tod Hughes # 29  Keith Grooves # 39  D Francisco # 40  ERwan at # 50 Ships have sailed # 52 Krom # 55  Matt Mahala # 57  Lance King # 61  Brent Daniels # 55 Wildflower # 69  Zapien # 84 Jerry Bogan # 89 Ronnie Morris # 90 

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What’s holding artists back from get signed to a label or publisher?

(1) You want it too much.    Courtesy of Digital Music News  The most interesting artists are the ones that don’t need a label, yet are most likely to get signed by one.  They have strong followings, great music, work hard (and usually tour), and can survive on their own.  In fact, labels often prefer artists that well-developed identities and mini-machines going, because it saves them the work of having to build something from scratch.  It also lowers their risk, which is huge in such [more]

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How To Win Your Audition For The Voice

It’s that time again where tens of thousands of aspiring musicians will wait for hours in line for a chance to perform for the producers of the Voice which gives them a chance to perform for the “blind auditions” in front of the celebrity judges which gives them a chance at making it on TV! Look mom, I’m on TV! I’ve never been a huge fan of these singing contest shows for the simple fact that they aren’t meant to help musicians. They are meant for ratings. And The Voice has been [more]

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Why Country Radio Still Matters – Rolling Stone

In Luke Bryan's 2014 smash "Play It Again," magic happens when a girl's favorite hit of the day drifts across the airwaves and out of pickup truck speakers on a breathless Georgia summer night. Bryan's been waiting all evening to make his move, and his tan-legged crush has been waiting just as long to hear this one song until — here it is. She lights up, takes Bryan's hand and the pair dance and kiss through the fade-out. "Play it again," she says on repeat, and Bryan would if he could. "I'd [more]

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See How Much Every Top Artist Makes on Spotify

Courtesy of Time Taylor Swift’s recent decision to yank her music off of Spotify, the online music streaming service used by more than 50 million people, has become the latest episode in the battle over the music industry’s diminishing profits. One central mystery in the drama: just how much do artists make when their songs are played on the service? We used Spotify’s stated payout range – $0.006 to $0.0084 per stream – to calculate how much the top 50 songs streamed globally earned [more]

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How to Quintuple Your Streaming Royalties In About One Hour

This is how you can hack your streaming royalties. Earlier this year, DMN starting asking artists and labels to share their streaming royalty statements, which unearthed a pile of incredible per-stream statistics.  That’s part of an ongoing data-sharing project to battle the incredible lack of transparency in the streaming music space (and, please send your royalties to to share with the community, confidentiality protected). The statements we’ve received so fa [more]

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Keith Grooves featuring Farisha hits the Charts

Keith Grooves featuring Farisha hits the Charts. Dance Pop artist Keith Grooves hits the charts in the US and Europe with his new Dance single "Pages". Promoted to the world by Musik Radio Promotions. Keith Grooves Bio   New York City Native, Keith"Grooves"Edwards started playing drums at age 10. He Matured quickly in his teens and played throughout the city with various local artists. At age 16, Keith assembled a select group and entered a Cit [more]

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New Zealands Fuser hits US Charts

Power rock outfit Fuser are one of New Zealand’s most popular rock bands in recent years. The band have been receiving international praise and gaining new fans from all over the globe. Fuser’s latest single The Rules is a hard heavy hitting single with more grunt than a Bugatti Veyron.  Ian from Fuser says “Its an exciting time for the band at present as this is our 6th single to go to radio and we have had some phenomenal success with radio stations all over the globe picking up our pas [more]

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