The Grammy Awards Are Taking Streaming Very, Very Seriously

Today, the Recording Academy has announced some changes that will dramatically impact the Grammy Award nominations in 2017. Not only will there be a reduction in the number of categories a member can vote upon, but songs only available on streaming services can now be nominated for an award. So, artists like Chance the Rapper who exclusively release their music on paid streaming services like Apple Music, will now qualify for a Grammy nomination. Bill Freimuth, the Academy’s Senior Vice [more]

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Licensing reform would improve lives of music creators

Last month I stood onstage at a venue in Washington, D.C., and performed “I Am a Song” for a distinguished audience that included nearly 50 members of Congress. They seemed to enjoy my performance, as well as those of the other performers, including the Zac Brown Band, Yolanda Adams, Ed Roland and Warren Haynes. Now, Congress has the chance to show it appreciates not just music, but music makers as well. Congressional leaders from both sides of the aisle, like Republican Rep. Marsha Black [more]

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Submit Your Music For Consideration of Grammy Nomination by Musik and Film Records

It's Grammy Nomination Time and Musik and Film Records is looking for Nominees. That’s right its Grammy nomination time starting July 1st. Stephen Wrench of Musik and Film Records is a nominating member for the Grammy's. Each year Musik Radio Promotions picks great songs and artists to nominate for a Grammy from their radio promotion clients. You must have released the song commercially and have a UPC and ISRC number. In 2015, 4 artists nominated by Stephen Wrench made it to 2nd round of [more]

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A Crash Course on Mechanical Publishing Royalties — Part 1: The Basics

The following primer comes from Robert Klembas of Rebeat Digital, a provider of digital distribution, royalty accounting, Music Enterprise Software (MES) solutions.  This is the first in a 12-part series. No matter if you are completely new to this industry or have already gained some experience in the music business – the term “mechanical royalties” has either crossed your path already, or is definitely bound to do so (probably sooner than later).  And there is good reason for this [more]

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Italian band, Illacrimo, releases With Ones Own Eyes with Musik and Films Radio Promotions

Italian band, Illacrimo, releases "With Ones Own Eyes" with Musik and Films Radio Promotions.  The band has since  had 3 songs in the Euro Indie Music Chart between January and May 2016, one of these in the TOP 20. " It's been an honour of sitting on Musik and Film's working group, a beautiful dream for a band like us. I have a lot of feelings in my heart at the is strange and beautiful at the same time, my father, Janos Acs, conducted Aretha Franklin at the Grammy 1998,and [more]

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Despite 70 Million Copyright Complaints Last Year, the Top 10 Infringing Sites Are Still Standing…

According to a report by TorrentFreak, Google’s Transparency Report shows that the top 10 infringing sites received 70 million infringement complaints last year. This news comes after major copyright holders have been struggling to control massive online infringement for nearly two decades.  There have been major efforts surrounding a proposed modification to the longstanding ‘Takedown’ policies, powered by a Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) loophole. But, the obvious pro [more]

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Front Page Phnom Penh Times

Longtime Phnom Penh band hopes to export the Mekong Delta Blues Fri, 27 May 2016 Brent Crane Chris Minko, 60, a black-clad, chain-smoking Australian songwriter, has a dog named “dog” and a mostly Khmer musical group named Krom (which means “group” in Khmer). They play a genre of music that Minko calls “Mekong Delta Blues”, which is also the name of their third album released last month on Musik and Film records. Minko, whose “noir” songwriting focuses on [more]

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V Transmission Hits World Radio

V-Transmission has hit the world airwaves promoted by Musik Radio Promotions the band is getting airplay in about every country in the world. Musik and Film  released their music to the world via Sony. Check them out at V Transmission is a  unsigned mature four piece combo hailing from the dark northern industrial heartland of England, that is Manchester. The band have been around a long time predominantly as the song writing duo of Andy Boucher and Joh [more]

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“The Art of Artist Management” featured post by Stephen Wrench

Artist Management is an ever changing art. Back in the day when I was a VP at RCA, an artist manager could pick up a talented artist or band. The manager could then pitch them for a “record deal” that included artist development where the record label would put them in a recording studio to record their album. Then the label would hire publicists, give them tour support with a "known" artist. The label would put then out to radio and TV show appearances. The label would pay for all costs in [more]

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