David Cooler’s Country to the Bone International Hit

Musik and Film Records Country artist, David Cooler, believes in staying true to his roots.  Musik Radio recently began a worldwide music marketing campaign and the "world" has voted they appreciate  David's roots.   His music is rising in the charts and recently David signed a publishing deal with Tabitha Records. David took the time to speak about his career: What made you want to pursue a career in music? It is a passion that is hard to describe in words. After writing a few songs [more]

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David Lessing releases single Love is Here to worldwide airplay with Musik Radio Promotions

“For heights and depths no words can reach, music is the soul’s own speech.”  That’s the simple, yet foreshadowing quote that hung on the wall of the Midwestern farm house of David's piano teacher when he was seven years old. David has partnered with Musik Radio Promotions  and now his songs have inspired thousands all over the world. Musik and Film's affiliate, Tabitha Records, has also signed David to a publishing deal. What has been your greatest opportunity in your career so [more]

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Ron Louis Smith Carries on the Tradition of KC and the Sunshine Band Releases Spank with Musik Radio Promotions

Ron Louis Smith 2nd, son of Ron Sr. original member of KC and the Sunshine Band, has released Spank to worldwide radio promotion. Ron Louis Smith 2nd is the son of ‘Sunshine Royalty. Ronald Louis Sr. (one of the original members of ‘KC and the Sunshine Band’) was the heart and soul of the band’s legendary horn section and an acclaimed songwriter in his own right, writing and co-producing (with Finch and Casey) the International disco hit sensation, ‘ SPANK.’  The song has now been [more]

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Australian artist, Rida, Top of the Charts Promotions with Musik Radio

Rida's hit, "Be With Me"  has been topping the charts since the worldwide radio campaign began by Musik Radio Promotions weeks ago. Rida does it all: R&B, Dance, Rock, College, Urban --his songs are loved by so many fans! He writes all his own songs - lyrics and melodies, mixes them, and usually does most of his own music, and directs all his own video clips (sometimes collaborating with assistant producers). There will be much more to come from Rida!  

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Anjali Ray Releases So Long With Musik And Film Radio Promotions

After a full three years writing and recording this album, Anjali is now on a high-speed train with Musik and Film and worldwide radio promotions. What would Sade, Sarah McLachlan and Tori Amos sound like if they had been raised in India? Anjali, raised in New Delhi till the age of 10, draws on her extensive training in classical piano, Indian Hindustani classical vocal training, and occasional moonlighting as a jazz pianist to create emotional and haunting melodies. Learning piano throug [more]

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Tired of Articles About How To Make it In The Music Business?

  My email gets blasted everyday with 10 tips or 5 ways to get discovered or some other bs article. All to get you to subscribe to their site , to lure the uneducated musician into believing if they just follow these steps they will have a successful career in the music business, BS. They all say the same thing but in a different way. Do you really want to know how to succeed in the music business? Then read on I will tell you how without any hype. Do you see the word business? Being [more]

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North Carolinas Country Artist, Canaan Cox, on to next level with Musik Radio Promotions

Canaan Cox is a new and exciting country artist from Hendersonville, North Carolina. He not only writes g his own music, but is a phenomenal multi-instrumentalist.     Canaan released a new single, Summer, in the beginning of 2014 and has recently began a worldwide radio campaign with Musik Radio Promotions. The response has been phenomenal, being called "brilliant" by some! Canaan is now being played on BBC networks along with thousands of other stations. Canaan spoke of his experience w [more]

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South African Symphonic Rock Band, Crimson Chrysalis, Sends Shock Waves with Musik Radio Promotions

South African Symphonic Rock Band, Crimson Chrysalis, Sends Shock Waves with Musik Radio Promotions campaign on a global scale. Crimson Chrysalis has been cited as being "one of the most brilliant surprises of the year" by Terry Thompson of Sonic Cathedral.   "The release sent shock waves through the Femme Metal community, music to please, thoughts that go beyond the pale.  There's so much to learn from Africa." Rene Van Den Berg of Crimson Chrysalis, set aside some time to share a litt [more]

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Jazz Band, Da Ja,Building Bridges To The World Partnering with Musik Radio Promotions

Da'Ja has partnered with Musik Radio Promotions to carry their message to all parts of the globe. The song, Da'Jay, has been well received through the radio promotions campaign and has even been picked up by BBC stations. At an early age performing with such artist as Anita Baker, Force MD’s, Chapter 8, and The Time, as well as legends Martha Reeves and LJ Reynolds, John Smith came up with the concept of combining the forms of Jazz, Funk, R&B, and Latin. Which birth the form know now a [more]

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