Dear Artists Seeking Record Deals

Dear Artists Seeking Record Deals, When’s the last time you bought a record? Do you see any record stores still open in your town? And you’re looking for what? A Record Deal? There aren’t any more record deals because no one buys records anymore. I wish I had $ .007 cents for every time I have been asked “how do I get a record deal” I’d be rich just like the record labels are lately. Gold records now count streams as sales. Want a Gold record all you need is 500,000 streams that p [more]

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Musik and Film CEO Stephen Wrench Guest Blogs on IOTM

  Musik and Film Records CEO Stephen Wrench was just featured as a Guest Blogger on the popular Indie Artist website, Indie On The Move! Be sure to check out Stephen's article about obtaining record label deals in this day and age as an independent artist, treating your music as a business, and making your own path. Musik and Film Records offers a plethora of tools for the indie artist to use to get their music heard. The Musik Radio Promotions team promotes to over 250,000 in over 18 [more]

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Ajay Mathur is climbing the charts in Europe

Musik Radio Promotions artist Ajay Mathur is currently tearing up the charts, he is currently in the Hit Tracks Top 100 Chart in the Netherlands!! Way to go Ajay!! Musik Radio Promotions promotes Ajay and other indie artists to over 250,000 in 180 countries around the world, do you want YOUR music heard? Contact the Musik Radio Promotiosn team by clicking here!  

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A Review for Crimson Chrysalis latest album Enraptured

  Earlier this year Musik and Film Records signed south african symphonic rock band Crimson Chrysalis, and released their sophomore album "Enraptured" to the world. It has been garnering reviews and fans around the world since. Below is a recent review from on the album itself, check it out:   Soaring symphonic rock with a baroque atmosphere and metal stylings is the order of the day from South Africa’s Crimson Chrysalis. Fronted by the climactic, powerhouse vo [more]

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Reviews and Interviews for Ajay Mathurs album 9 to 3

Ajay Mathur released his latest album "9 to 3" earlier this year, and he has been burning up the charts, currently in the top 10 in the charts in the US. He's been getting great reviews on "9 to 3" and Musik and Film is here to share 2 of his latest reviews, and a recent interview in Under The Gun Review! Ajay's music is playing on radio stations all around the world, if YOU want YOUR music heard around the world too...then click here to find out more details! UNDER THE GUN REVIE [more]

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Josef Haid Rocks Out Swiss Interview!!!

Josef Haid, from Switzerland, had an awesome radio interview in Interlachen where they featured 4 of his songs on the air, one of which was a live acoustic performance!! Be sure to check out the interview and the performances here!! (The interview is in Swiss German, but the performances are in english. As an added bonus, the link includes a youtube video to a 20 minute compilation video of a CD release concert! Do you want to do radio interviews for YOUR music? To reach new fans around the worl [more]

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Taking Care of Business, The Ball is In Your Court…

All I see these days on Linkedin, Facebook and everywhere are people bitchin' about streaming, the declining music industry and lack of opportunities for Indie artists. Today I see on Linkedin “5 Reasons the Music Business is in the Toilet”. We all know its in the toilet, but what are you gonna do about it.  Boo Hoo there are no more record labels willing to plunk down cash to fund artists. There are no more publishing deals offering cash advances. “Boo Hoo there is no place for starving [more]

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Krom: A Review of Rock Music from Cambodia

Kromming of age By : Mark Coles I first came across Krom when a friend of mine, Sean Hocking, who runs Metal Postcard Records in Hong Kong, forwarded me a YouTube link to a Krom video with the message: ‘Think you might like them.’ I did. I like Krom a lot. I loved the blend of Khmer vocals and Christopher’s melancholic bluesy guitar. I always check with artists before playing a track by them on my weekly music programme, The Shed, so I started trying to track Chris down. Sean told [more]

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Musical Monk Makes News!

  Inspiration for a hit song can strike whenever! It hit Monk Filip Steeno, from the Netherlands, last soccer season during the final round. He wrote the song "'t Spel van OHL" to support his favorite soccer team, and partnered up with the Musik Radio Promotions Team at Musik and Film to promote it to the world! He was picked up on Radio BBC, stations in Czech Republic, Italy, Brasil, Ecuador, and the list goes on!! Because of the success of the song, a local dutch news station did a rep [more]

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