Ever Wonder Why Your Radio Promotion Does Not Get You Airplay

Often we receive these kinds of inquires regarding radio promotions.  We will share a direct inquiry with all names removed: "I am writing to ask your advice on something. As you know, I recently used (abc) services. I was part of an e-mail blast in which both cases I was at the bottom of the e-mail - not in the initial part at all - the recipient of the e-mail had to click through to find me. The e-mail is supposed to be sent to 9,000 plus radio stations and out of the 2-week e-mail blast [more]

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Tired of Articles About How To Make it In The Music Business?

  My email gets blasted everyday with 10 tips or 5 ways to get discovered or some other bs article. All to get you to subscribe to their site , to lure the uneducated musician into believing if they just follow these steps they will have a successful career in the music business, BS. They all say the same thing but in a different way. Do you really want to know how to succeed in the music business? Then read on I will tell you how without any hype. Do you see the word business? Being [more]

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North Carolinas Country Artist, Canaan Cox, on to next level with Musik Radio Promotions

Canaan Cox is a new and exciting country artist from Hendersonville, North Carolina. He not only writes g his own music, but is a phenomenal multi-instrumentalist.     Canaan released a new single, Summer, in the beginning of 2014 and has recently began a worldwide radio campaign with Musik Radio Promotions. The response has been phenomenal, being called "brilliant" by some! Canaan is now being played on BBC networks along with thousands of other stations. Canaan spoke of his experience w [more]

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South African Symphonic Rock Band, Crimson Chrysalis, Sends Shock Waves with Musik Radio Promotions

South African Symphonic Rock Band, Crimson Chrysalis, Sends Shock Waves with Musik Radio Promotions campaign on a global scale. Crimson Chrysalis has been cited as being "one of the most brilliant surprises of the year" by Terry Thompson of Sonic Cathedral.   "The release sent shock waves through the Femme Metal community, music to please, thoughts that go beyond the pale.  There's so much to learn from Africa." Rene Van Den Berg of Crimson Chrysalis, set aside some time to share a litt [more]

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Jazz Band, Da Ja,Building Bridges To The World Partnering with Musik Radio Promotions

Da'Ja has partnered with Musik Radio Promotions to carry their message to all parts of the globe. The song, Da'Jay, has been well received through the radio promotions campaign and has even been picked up by BBC stations. At an early age performing with such artist as Anita Baker, Force MD’s, Chapter 8, and The Time, as well as legends Martha Reeves and LJ Reynolds, John Smith came up with the concept of combining the forms of Jazz, Funk, R&B, and Latin. Which birth the form know now a [more]

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New Zealand Rock Band, Merrin, Beating All The Odds Appear on Do I Have A Hit Song

Merrin recently appeared on Do I Have A Hit Song, a show produced by Musik and Film and promoted by Musik Radio Promotions. MERRIN is a story being written as we speak. Karl Wootton and Charlie Phillips are one half of MERRIN, a 4 piece powerhouse of Sultry Soul infused ROCK based in Wellington New Zealand. Karl and Charlie spoke of  their most recent experience, "Ever been told your dream is out of your league? We have. But guess what? America called - and we jetted off to represent MER [more]

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Welsh singer/songwriter, Matt Cook, to appear on Do I Have A Hit Song premier show

Singer/songwriter, Matt Cook recently traveled from Wales to Florida to appear on the premier episode of Do I Have A Hit Song.  Matt entertained everyone with his quick wit, yet with the heart of a serious  musician. Matt has shared his story in his own words: Matt's managed to make a living as a covers artist, playing private functions, pubs and clubs, but has never managed to make much of an impact with his own original music, despite a lifetime of trying. After a chance email to St [more]

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Bourbon& Bliss enter Do I Have A Hit Song

Musik and Film Productions presents "Do I Have A Hit Song", a show all about Indie artists like 'Bourbon & Bliss from around the world creating and expressing themselves through their music.   "Do I Have A Hit Song" is looking for  artists with original songs to appear on talent tv  contest!  No glorified karaoke allowed! Enter at Do I Have A Hit Song!    

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Singer Songwriter Max Lisa hits Top USA Chart with My Baby

 Max Lisa is a singer/ songwriter/guitarist whose music mixes elements from rock, pop and country. He has been hitting the USA charts since the beginning, getting his music heard and gaining fans all over the world teaming up with Musik Radio Promotions.  Max has promoted several songs through Musik and Film including 'Walking Dead' and currently, 'My Baby'. Musik and Film is loving the reactions of fans and asked Max to share some of this personal thoughts about life and career: What do [more]

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