Musik and Film Partners with Al Walsner’s Top 20 US Countdown!!

Musik and Film is now partnering with Al Walsner's US Top 20 Countdown!! Al produces the show out of Los Angeles, and it airs Thursday night every week,  counting down the Top 20 songs in the US. Musik Radio Promotions artist Lyric Dubee is  number 11 on this weeks top 20 countdown, with his song Combat of Love! Check out the line up and check out the show Thursday nights at!!!   Here is this weeks show and countdown! 1.Like I'm Go [more]

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Major Artists Continue to Express Distaste for Major Labels

Win Butler, front man of Arcade Fire, was recently interviewed by The Independent and he had some things to say about the state of the major label music industry today, and those responsible for it. In an effort to  help find ways to change the music industry for the better, Arcade Fire became involved with the launch of Jay Z's Tidal streaming service. The service itself has mostly failed to take off due to mishandling that Butler claims are due to the major labels themselves. He states: [more]

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How does an Indie Artist get a Radio Hit In The United States?

I have been in the music industry a good 40 years including serving as VP of a division with a major label. I have seen a lot of changes and then some things never change. I was recently asked by a very good independent artist “I am just as good as anyone I hear on the American top 40 why do I have to pay to get a hit record in the US? Good question. There are a lot of artists out there that are every bit as good as who you hear on the Top 40. Why don’t you hear these people? One reason i [more]

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Josef Haid chronicled in Tracks Magazine!

Musik Radio Promotions artist, Josef Haid, was recently publicized in Tracks Magazine's 2015 issue. Tracks is a german magazine publication highlighting music of several different genres! Josef Haid & His Band are found on page 44! Here is the english translation, and the original link is found here! Congrats to Josef Haid for the great press! Josef Haid & Band "Dreams come true“ "Following two (not publicly available) CDs with covers of „Wonderful tonight“, "Still got the bl [more]

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Tod Hughes is making his music dreams come true, the RIGHT way!

Musik Radio Promotions artist, Tod Hughes, was recently featured in a Canadian RV publication "RV Times", authored by Katrina Boguski! It's a wonderful read about rekindling your musical dreams, even after taking time off to nurture a career in another profession, treating your music like a business, and reaching out to less commonly thought of demographics! It's a great testament to Tod's business-like mind-set towards achieving his music goals, and what good management can help you achieve [more]

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Mark Ruebery. One Night Once Chance Release Show Video Drops!!!

Musik Radio Promotions artist, Mark Ruebery, released his new album "One Night, One Chance" earlier this year! Well, he recently posted a video  highlight reel from the show that night, featuring clips from all the tracks! Be sure not to miss these great highlights! Found here.  Mark has been WELL accepted on radio around the world, thanks to Musik Radio Promotions for helping to accomplish that! If YOU want to get your music heard worldwide, then contact Musik Radio Promotions today!!

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How Signing A Major Record Deal Nearly Destroyed My Music Career by Terra Naomi

  The following comes from Terra Naomi, who was the #1 most subscribed musician on YouTube in 2006 (Puff Daddy was #2). She started the music revolution on YouTube and paved the way for every other musician who followed. This is a repost from Digital Music News, link found here. ** In June of 2006 I became the first musician to build a worldwide following on YouTube. I posted videos every couple of days and called it my “Virtual Summer Tour.” I played my own original songs and som [more]

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Why YOU should tour India!

Indie Artists, Hard to find good venues to play? Want new fans? Well there is a place with brand new state of the art venues that seat thousands, hungry to hear new music , your new music. Within this magical place there are 1.2 billion people. Yeah thats right four times the population of the US. Wanna go perform on great stages in front of thousands of people with state of the art sound systems? Then we have one word for you....India! "India?!?!", you ask? You heard right, India! [more]

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President, Musik and Film Records, Stephen Wrench on radio Thursday Night!

Musik and Film Records President, Stephen Wrench will be taking to the airwaves, joining It Matters! Radio on Thursday night at 9PM Eastern Time! He will be discussing his music as well as the state of the music industry today! This is a radio broadcast you won't want to miss! Here is the link to the live broadcast: We will see you all there!!!

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