Canadian Lance King releases Driftin with Musik Radio Promotions

Canadian, Lance King, releases Driftin' with Musik Radio Promotions following the successful release of Love You All the Way. Recorded at Omni Studios in Nashville, TN and produced by Stephen Wrench, Driftin' is destined to become the next worldwide radio hit. Driftin’ was written by Lance's Father, Ed King. Ed continues to enjoy a long and productive career in the music industry being a member of the BCCMA (British Columbia Country Music Association) hall of fame and has won several award [more]

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Smokin Tokin Rollin Man a pot smokers anthem

  Available on most major sites and on Amazon  This is a song that describes in detail the process of rolling a joint and smoking it and the feeling afterwards. Very Simply put. The songwriter and artist is Musik and Films Stephen Wrench. The band playing the music has some former members of Lynyrd Skynyrd and Molly Hatchet . A special thanks to my good friend Paul Tyler for playing on this record. I remember the first time I performed this in public was in concert with Bad Comp [more]

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KROM FACTS (3) SOPHEA CHAMROEUN: “An extraordinary musical and artistic talent”

KROM FACTS (3) SOPHEA CHAMROEUN: “An extraordinary musical and artistic talent” From the album "Mekong Delta Blues" by Krom mixed and mastered by Musik and Film Available on Musik and Film Records digitally Did you know that the unique and original sound that is the music of KROM is the result of a remarkable musical collaboration and musical partnership between KROM founders, Sophea Chamroeun and KROM guitarist Christopher Minko.  Minko attributes the mysterious and almost mystical s [more]

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Phnom Penhs Activist Band Krom releases preview Documentary Video With Hard-Hitting Message

Top-tier musicianship and at times, haunting with a hard-hitting message depicting harsh realities of human trafficking in this preview. The full documentary will be released along with Krom's full album with Musik and Film Records. Lil Suzie is the 6th KROM song to describe the tragedy of the ever growing sexual slavery industry in South East Asia where young girls are coerced into prostitution through poverty, kidnappings, violence or even sold to sex traders by family and how they s [more]

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Erwan makes the Top 20 in the US and Europe

Erwan from Paris France writes  I am so happy with musik and film promotion, we have reached thousands of radios around the world, reach N°6 on Euro Indie Music Chart the first month and now the song is broadcast at the US 20 countdown show to over 500 radio stations in the U.S. Great job Stephen ! Erwan

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Maggie Szabo song promoted worldwide by Musik Radio Promotions

"Musik and Film have been so great to work with. They believed in my song ‘Forgive and Forget’ from the beginning and have been promoting it to so many radio stations all around the world!" Maggie Szabo

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Europes Rock Band Naurea Release New Video

NAUREA exist because the chaos, and at the same time because these obscure race so-called humans,   pretending to push your brain in another direction: the dark side of feelings...When Oliman years ago began the long and winding road of combining electronic and rock he received only silence in the media response. Living in a communist country does not help when you have revolutionary ideas and rock is regarded as eroding socialist morality. Musik Radio Promotions released their music worldwi [more]

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Musik Radio Promotions artist Maggie Szabo No 1 Album in Germany

Maggie Szabo hits the European Top 100 artists last week with Musik Radio Promotions campaign. #1 Album In Germany Last week, German electronic DJ 'Schiller' released his brand new album with our song 'Something There', featuring me as an artist/songwriter. Today, that album hit #1 in Germany! The album has been released in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, and will soon be available worldwide. Congratulations to Schiller, and everyone involved in this! I feel very lucky to be involved .

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Phnom Penhs activist band Krom releases song Lil Suzie about prostitution and human trafficking

Phnom Penhs activist band Krom releases song Lil Suzie depicting the world of prostitution and human trafficking.Band Kroms singers ( sisters) grew up in Phnom Penhs most notorious hooker / drug quarter - The White Building.  They were able to further avoid the pitfalls of the hooker world by joining Cambodian Living Arts at age 12. Every girl deserves opportunity and the sisters are now stars in their own right. Lil Suzie is the 6th KROM song to describe the tragedy of the ever grow [more]

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