Smooth Jazz Artist, Downie, releases It’s Over with Musik Radio Promotions

Smooth Jazz Artist, Downie, releases "It's Over" with Musik Radio Promotions, "I am so pleased that I found Music and Film Radio Promotions. As an independent artist it is hard to know who can deliver, and in a world of being nickled and dimed to death by so many who say they can help, this company is worth their weight in gold!  They have far exceeded my expectations and are ten steps ahead of any other radio promoters I have worked with!" Downie's hit single, "It's Over" has gained  produ [more]

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A Producer’s Dream Halloween Night in Nashville. Guest post by Stephen Wrench

A Producer's Dream -  Halloween Night in Nashville. A guest post by Stephen Wrench I remember the night well; it was Halloween night, 1985. I was in Nashville working with a good friend, the late great producer, Neil Wilburn.  Neil's credits include Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, Waylon and Willie and many others. I was working with Neil on a song for Dwight Goodin, a Met's pitcher, winner of the Cy Young Award. This was before "pro tools" and "voice correction" and to no avail we spent the e [more]

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Korean Pop Act, Dante Kim releases hit single Hug and Love

Rising Korean pop act , Dante Kim, has released his hit single, 'Hug and Love' for worldwide airplay with Musik Radio Promotions.  The song has been gathering the interest of many stations globally with 200 stations on the first day of release including Disney. It continues garnering weekly  momentum with positive emails from program directors and requests for interviews. The song is described as "Reggae meets 60's peace and love with a great feel and message". Dante described his mess [more]

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World Music Stage Top 10 Indie Countdown Show

World Music Stage Top 10 Indie Countdown Show. Hosted by Dave Pratt. Listen to the best Indie music.

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Pamela Long new hit single You Said released by Musik Radio Promotions

Pamela Long's  new hit single, You Said released by Musik Radio Promotions is garnering worldwide radio airplay. The voice that many find to be unique and unable to be duplicated is back! Pamela Long of the platinum selling R&B group Total, has emerged once again with the sound we all fell in love with.  Her sound first debuted on the Bad  Boy/Arista roster, which immediately garnered her the spot as the lead vocalist of the group. Music mogul Sean "Puff Daddy" Combs recogni [more]

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Top 10 Indie Artists World Music Stage Countdown Show

Listen to some of the best Indie artists on the planet on world music stage top 10 countdown show. Hosted by Dave Pratt and affiliated with Musik Radio Promotions

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Top 10 Indie Countdown Radio Show

Listen to the best Indie artists on world music stage Top 10 Countdown show hosted by Dave Pratt

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Cambodia by Krom

Cambodia by Krom is about the love of their country . Krom speaks about subjects like human slavery and prostitution. That is so common in Cambodia. The video speak for its self. Released by Musik and Film . You can buy Krom new cd entitled "MeKong Delta Blues" contact Watch their new video at

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Why the Industry Should Kill the Billboard Album Charts

It’s already been gamed multiple times.  Now, the Billboard Album Charts are about to become a complete industry joke, not to mention a complete waste of resources. Once upon a time, the Billboard album charts mattered, because albums mattered.  But instead of shifting their charts towards other formats like downloads, streaming, and playlists as albums died, Billboard and its tracking partner Nielsen Soundscan have repeatedly insisted on cramming these formats into an album chart that mak [more]

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