Grammy Nominted, Anjali Ray, Gearing Up for India` Tour

Preparations are currently in progress for a planned tour of Anjali Ray in India. It's an exciting time for a tour.  India is an emerging country with 5x the population of the US.  Most of their venues are relatively new with state of the art sound systems.  Anjali's tour will kick off in New Delhi taking her through such beautiful cities as Mumbai, Calcutta and Bangalore. After a full three years of writing and recording her album, "So Long',  Anjali  partnered with Musik and Film and [more]

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Musik Radio Promotions Around the Globe

Musik Radio Promotions has over 50,000+ radio stations and 300,000+ stations with syndicated networks and station affiliates in every genre in 180 countries. We literally have just about every radio station including commercial, non commercial and college in North America, South America, UK, Australia, Ireland, Scotland, and thousands of stations in Europe, Asia, Africa and South America. 97% of our stations are FM stations. We cover most chart reporting stations around the world. We promote to [more]

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Musik and Films Featured Artist MadLyn DRT Breakout Artist 2015

Madlyn was recently named as DRT Breakout Artist of 2015! Independent artist Madlyn, has been enamored with the music world for as long as she can remember. Growing up in an artistic family and performing since the age of 3, there has never been a question in her mind that she wanted to be a musician. After tragically losing her mother to breast cancer, she devoted herself to songwriting and pop music full time. She took the name “MadLyn” to carry on her mother’s memory, dropping th [more]

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Musik Radio Artists Announced on DRT Breakout Artist 2015

    Rose Boyd  and Madlyn released to worldwide radio earlier  by Musik Radio Promotions, have been named  to DRT's Independent Breakout Artists of the Year! Congratulations!

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MAF Records Announce Jerry Bogan release of new single and video Let It Rain

Starting off the New Year with a new release, 2016 looks to be an exciting one for MAF artist, Texan, Jerry Bogan. Jerry  and the team at Musik and Film have been working for months on a 10 song album. "Let It Rain" is the first single to be released. Written by Jerry Bogan and Produced by Stephen Wrench and the MAF Production team, this single  pours with raw emotion of a love lost. The single was released by Musik Radio Promotions to worldwide radio and is receiving accolades across th [more]

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Naurea Gets Personal With MAF

Musik and Film Records  announced the signing of Naurea to a Worldwide Promotion and Distribution Deal a short month ago.   Naurea's first single release of the same title album, "I Am A Monster", has been well received and has reached top 40 in the national charts!  Be sure to watch the new "I Am A Monster" video! Oliman of "Naurea" had a few things to say and words of advice. MAF -What has been your greatest opportunity in your career so far? I have to say, MAF has given me a breat [more]

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Musik and Film announce signing of electronic/rock band, Naurea

Musik and Film Records  announce the signing of Naurea to a Worldwide Promotion and Distribution Deal.  Naurea's first single release of the same title album, "I Am A Monster", has been well received and has reached top 40 in the national charts! NAUREA exist because the chaos, and at the same time because these obscure race so-called humans,   pretending to push your brain in another direction: the dark side of feelings...When Oliman years ago began the long and winding road of combining [more]

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KROM album “Mekong Delta Blues”

KROM NEWS: the 3rd KROM album "Mekong Delta Blues" is now being mixed / mastered by Krom's record label MUSIK and FILM. Read more about Krom and their new label MUSIK and FILM in an article by Alan Parkhouse, recently published in the Bangkok Post:…/singin-them-mekong-delta-blues…

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Musik And Film Records Makes 4 Grammy Artists Nominations Second Round

Musik and Film Records artist nominees are in the 2nd round of grammy nominations voting. Rose Boyd - He's so amazing - Best Gospel Performance It held the #1 position for 10 weeks and top 40 for 30 weeks promoted by Musik Radio Promotions.  Crimson Chrysalis Song of the year - Rock Massive Airplay around the world 2 licensing deals for songs from album. Managed and promoted by Musik and Film. Anjali - Indi [more]

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