Krom: A Review of Rock Music from Cambodia

Kromming of age By : Mark Coles I first came across Krom when a friend of mine, Sean Hocking, who runs Metal Postcard Records in Hong Kong, forwarded me a YouTube link to a Krom video with the message: ‘Think you might like them.’ I did. I like Krom a lot. I loved the blend of Khmer vocals and Christopher’s melancholic bluesy guitar. I always check with artists before playing a track by them on my weekly music programme, The Shed, so I started trying to track Chris down. Sean told [more]

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Musical Monk Makes News!

  Inspiration for a hit song can strike whenever! It hit Monk Filip Steeno, from the Netherlands, last soccer season during the final round. He wrote the song "'t Spel van OHL" to support his favorite soccer team, and partnered up with the Musik Radio Promotions Team at Musik and Film to promote it to the world! He was picked up on Radio BBC, stations in Czech Republic, Italy, Brasil, Ecuador, and the list goes on!! Because of the success of the song, a local dutch news station did a rep [more]

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Touring The Far East: An Artists Perspective

Musik and Film, along with Musik Radio Promotions, promotes artists to over 250,000 radio stations in over 180 countries, opening vast possibilities for the touring artist. One of our Radio Promotion clients had the opportunity to chronicle what it’s like to tour China, and was kind enough to share their travels with us. Deer is a band that decided to adventure in “Ni Hao Tour (Hello Tour)”, that consisted in nineteen concerts at nineteen different places in China. The tou [more]

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Radio Kemonia Loves Mark Ruebery and Wants you!!

Mark Ruebery is burning up the airwaves on Radio Kemonia in Italy, and they can't get enough of our artists! Yet ANOTHER example of radio calling for more music! All over the world radio stations are calling us up asking for us to send them more music! Radio Kemonia wants your music...don't keep them and 250,000 other radio stations around the world here to find out more about our promotional packages!!

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Hot 91.7 FM Loves Matthew Schultz!

  Radio around the world LOVES the artists we are sending them! Just recently we heard from Hot 91.7 FM, down in the Bahamas, RAVING about Matthew Schultz! "We think Matthew is an AWESOME artist and has a lot to bring to the contribute to the  music industry, he has that FYAHHHH and we recognize hits when we hear them and this is one of them for sure." We love hearing back about our Artists! Join forces with the Radio Promotions team and show radio YOUR FYAHHHH! Click here to see about [more]

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Radio is Calling…

  Radio is calling, they want to hear YOUR music!! Musik and Film promotes to over 250,000 radio stations in over 180 countries, and those radio stations are CONSTANTLY complimenting our radio clients, and asking for more music from us! Radio is the key to getting your music heard worldwide. It opens the door to touring the world, and playing exotic countries as well! You can be the best artist alive, but if no one can hear your music, your career is going no where. Period. Listening to [more]

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iTunes Blacklist Bullies

  Once again we have a major move in the record industry for majors to take over the industry and shut the minor labels and artists down. Gee does that surprise us? It started when the major labels fought the digital age. Then when they could not win that battle they bought every digital distributor they could that exists in the world. Then they embraced streaming services and publicly announcing “Indies are becoming competition and we need to level the playing field” So they m [more]

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Rose Boyd releases video for her hit Hes So Amazing!

Rose Boyd has just release her latest video for her song "He's So Amazing" that has been topping the charts, with the help of Musik Radio Promotions,  for weeks on end! Check it out here!!  

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Matthew Schultz Hits #17 On The European Charts!!

Matthew Schultz partnered with the Musik Radio Promotions Team recently, and now he is quickly climbing the charts in Europe! His latest release "We Own The Night", Featuring Hip Hop Legend Jim Jones, has just hit #17 on the Official European Independent Music Charts!! Congratulations Matthew Schultz!

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