In partnership with Musik Radio Promotions, Another awesome Top 10 Countdown from World Music Stage, Jan.14 Edition

In partnership with Musik Radio Promotions, Another awesome Top 10 Countdown from World Music Stage, featuring some of the best indie artists on the planet. Headphones on. Feet up. Great way to start the week. Be sure to click "Share" so fans and friends around the world get the chance to hear such talent. Alx Green Music | Tom Pinsent | Pamela Long | Jannine Weigel | Nick Dakota | Sonar Lights | Stevie Beatz | Stacey Whitson | Sherry Lochan | Ben Marshal  

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Gritty New Single, ‘Look What They Did’ by dynamic rapper, Doc-La, debuted #8 on Billboard. Promoted by Musik Radio Promotions

  Doc-La, debutes #8 on Billboard Hot 40s Singles Chart. Promoted by  Musik Radio Promotions  Doc-La is the epitome of that Tony Montana mentality. This dynamic and energetic rapper is about to rocket to stardom. With the confidence, determination, and power that he brings to the table, there is no doubt that the buzzing rap renegade will impact the urban music scene with his stunning and critically acclaimed debut single "Look What They Did". "My debut single 'Look What They Did' is abou [more]

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Skope Mag reviews Stephen Wrench’s ‘Sex, Drugs, and Rock n Roll’

Stephen Wrench – ‘Sex, Drugs, and Rock n Roll’ by Skope • January 10, 2017 Stephen Wrench has done it all in a long musical career that’s seen him work with a wildly diverse group of performers like Lynyrd Skynyrd, Molly Hatchet, Rick Springfield and Tommy Tutone , Missing Persons among many, many others. He’s carved out a respected reputation as one of the most naturally gifted songwriters working in popular music thanks to his skills, naturally, but more so, his emp [more]

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Sex, Drugs and Rock n’ Roll, a story of the life in a rock n’ roll band, released by Stephen Wrench

Grammy nominated singer/songwriter, Stephen Wrench  spent decades on the road with bands . To name a few Lynyrd Skynyrd, Tommy Tutone, Loverboy, Toto and many others. Stephen says of the single, "I have often been asked to talk about the "glory days".  This brings back many memories and most are not glorious. That is what this song, "Sex, Drugs and Rock n' Roll" is about, being on the road in a rock n' roll band." The single has been released worldwide by Musik Radio Promotions and has b [more]

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Musik Radio Promotions releases Its Your Life To Live, By Auckland’s Famed Rock Band Fuser

Fuser, Auckland's  Grammy Nominated hardest working rock act, have once again produced a stellar new single entitled “Its Your Life to Live”.  Fuser's 7th single released with Musik Radio Promotions is now charting at 40 on the DRT USA DRT National Airplay Independent Chart. The new single has taken the band in a different direction with them working hard on an original distinctive sound laden with hooks and some great grooves and loops. It takes the band to the next level and provides [more]

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Krom releases Lil Suzie video, story of the tragedy of Methamphetamine abuse.

Krom's signature song about the tragedy of Methamphetamine abuse, Lil Suzie. Krom - a band in Cambodia, based in Phnom Penh, with a unique blend of Delta blues sound with traditional Khmer.   &;

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Indie Music on World Music Stage Dec. 17 Top 10 countdown show a partner of Musik and Film Records

Listen to Dec. 17th Great Indie Music on World Music Stage top 10 countdown hosted by Dave Pratt. Broadcast in 30 countries. Associated with Musik and Film Records.  

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Jerry Bogan to be featured on Hub Radio’s Your Show December 30th

  Musik and Film Recording Artist, Jerry Bogan will be featured on Hub Radio's, Your Show, on December 30th.  Jerry's single, Let It Rain hit No. 1 on the DRT National Airplay Top 80 Independent Chart this past year. The monthly two-hour show plays and promotes the best indie music on the planet! Taking place between 3-5pm on the last Friday of each month, the host of Wednesday’s Your Show and a different co-host each month bring to you some of the best music from around the g [more]

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